Mr. Oram's Online Resources

Social Studies Stuff

  • Google News.  Google grabs the top headlines and centralizes them in one location, organises them by region, type, etc. Google then provides you with links to multiple sources for each story. Quick way to scan the top stories of the day! 
  • CBC News & CBC The National - Great source for current events.  Peter and his team on the national go a great job of providing timely in depth coverage & analysis.
  • CIA World Fact Book:  provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

Oram's Favorite iPhone or Android Apps:

  • National Geographic's World Atlas as an iPhone app.  Sells for $1.99 - cheap for an atlas of this quality.  If you keep an eye out, sometimes they just give it away! 
  • Google Earth ~ 3D View and extras that Google tucks in there are pretty cool. iPhone  Android
  • Evernote - Great for keeping track of the cool stuff that you find online, or offline. iPhone Android
  • Google Currents - Top stories by category and/or site. Formatted like a magazine.  iPhone Android
  • Thirst - Very similar to Google Currents in that it takes current events stories and turns them into a magazine/newspaper type format.  Has features that allow social networking type discussions around the stories.  Can be used in a web browser or iOS device. Thirst.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars - it's just that cool! iPhone Android
  • FlashCards to Go:  they have an iPhone, Android, Chrome App (Download from Chrome Webstore) as well as other versions - with an account you can sync your flash cards across your devices. Their website has more information:

Best Practices for Using the Internet: