The Aztec Social Hierarchy

Part I:
How did the structure of Aztec society tell us what was important to the Aztec people?

Its another hierarchy! - how is the Aztec social structure similar to that of Feudal Europe? Different from Feudal Europe?

1. Read P. 172 & 173 - How does the structure of Aztec society tell us about which values & ideas were important to the Aztecs?
2. Page 1 of the student notes (Word, Google Docs)

Part II: Roles & Status in Aztec Society

Each member of aztec Society played an important part in keeping their empire strong.  as we go through this section look for specific ways that each 'role' on Aztec society contributed to the greater good. Also look for ways in which the status of each member ways displayed.

1. Read P. 174-179
2. Think it Through P. 179
3. Second half of the Student Notes  (WordGoogle Docs)
4. Over To You P. 179 #1 A, 1B & 2A
If Time - Exploring Sources P. 178