Starting Chapter 8 - What are the values that shape Aztec Society?

How does a society's way of looking at the world influence its' customs and the way it's people make decisions?

Discussion Point:  

  1. How does the way we make our living in Alberta affect our values?  Things to think about:
    • Environment (& environmental policy, Oil, oil sands, recycling, etc.)
    • Gun laws
    • Wealth & Status
    • What is important to us?
  2. This next section is called "For the Good of the People".  What does this tell us about the values of the Aztec people?  The way the Aztecs made their decisions?

Getting Down To Work:

  1. Chapter 8 Curriculum Overview & Vocab.
  2. Vocabulary Work
  3. How did the structure of the Aztec Society tell us about what was important to the Aztecs?
    1. Read P. 172 & 173
    2. Complete first side of the Chapter 8 Student Notes.
    3. If Time:  What was the role of the Aztec Emperor?
      Think It Through P. 173 "The Great Speaker".