Expanding The Aztec Influence (Trade, War & Tribute)

 How did the Aztec worldview influence the way the people interacted with other cultures?
Based on what we have learned about the Aztec World View can you predict how they would have treated other groups around them? What strategies do you think they might employ to grow and maintain their empire?

As the Aztec's built and maintained their vast empire. The Aztec strategy had three basic themes -Trade, War & Tribute.
  1. As a class read P. 165-168
  2. Complete the section 3 student notes

If Time: 

  • Exploring Sources P. 167, all three bullets.  HINT - How does this connect to the idea of sacrifice? 
  • Exploring the Big Ideas P. 169 1(a)  the web will take at least 1/2 a page to do properly & 1(b) in full sentences