The Age of Exploration

What factors might motivate a society to venture into unknown regions beyond it's boarders?

What do you think Columbus might be doing in this painting?
We are only a couple of weeks away from the Renaissance Final (Origins of Western Worldview)- these last two chapters go REALLY fast!  There is a rough study guide here, as well you should be using the curriculum and vocabulary sheets.

Curriculum Overview & Vocabulary

Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Carta Marina, 1539
  1. Map (Carta Marina, 1539) - P. 106 
    • Why would they use sea monsters in the map?  
    • How does it show the unknown?
    • How is this map reflective of the difference in 'sources of knowledge' that we see as part of the Renaissance compared to that of medieval times? 
    • How has Humanism changed geographic knowledge?
  2. The triple threat of Gold, Glory & God, henceforth to be know as the 3Gs of exploration in the Renaissance.
    1. Read "Desire to Explore" P. 106 - 112
    2. Exploring Sources P. 112
    3. Complete the Desire to Explore student Notes (Desire to Explore) 
    4. IF TIME – Assign Over To You P. 113 #1