Just about any time you see a word with an 'ism' tacked on to the end of it, you know that you are now looking at a ideology or a philosophy.  Expansionism is when the dominant idea in Europe becomes about countries expanding their boarders into other lands - taking control of more territory around the known world. Think about all the places in Eastern Canada & the United States that have the world 'New' as part of their name - this is in part the legacy of European expansionism as the Europeans.

 Landing of Pedro Álvares Cabral in Porto Seguro, in 1500 Painter: Oscar Pereira da Silva (1865–1939)

This is the point where the 3Gs of exploration become more than just a motivation for exploration, it becomes a dominate idea for them, in much the way that democracy is a key idea for us today.

In Class Today:

How did the desire and means to explore foster an expansionist worldview?

  1. Read P. 120, 121, 122, 123 & 125
  2. Complete the first side of European Expansion Student Notes (Note that the link is to the Google Docs Version ~ because it is a series of charts, the formatting does not look super pretty, but it seems to be functional.  One of the tasks is to create a visual - you can use draw/paint/what ever tool you'd like, but you must create your own visual!)