European Imperialism

How can exploration and expansion affect the world view of a society and the societies that it comes into contact with?

Curriculum Overview for Chapter 6
Food for Thought:

  • What makes a hero?
  • What makes a villain?
  • Do heros and villains have similar qualities?
  • Do decides if someone is a hero or a villain?

What does the European's treatment of the peoples that they came into contact with reveal about the European world view?

1. Read P. 130
2. Looking at the painting on P. 130:
  • Why do you think the artist might have decided to include the indigenous people in this image?
  • Do you think that the artist shares the imperialist views of the Renaissance?  Provide evidence.
3. Exploring Sources P. 133

4.  European Imperialism Student Notes (Google Docs, Word)