The Original Classics

Which ideas from classical times helped to form the Renaissance humanist world view?

The word renaissance refers to a renewed interest in something, or as your text puts it, cultural rebirth - so which culture was reborn?

The term 'Classical' in this context refers to the ancient Greeks & Romans. Humanist scholars discovered the written works of the classical civilizations and began to think about how they could take these ideas and integrate them into their own society... in effect, these ideas were being given new life in a 'modern' context by the Humanists.

As we read through this, try keeping a list of ways that the ideas of the ancient Greeks and Romans influenced the Humanists.

  1. Read P. 60-63 (keeping a list)
  2. Student Notes (Word, Google Docs)


  1. Exploring Sources P. 64 (The Ambassadors Painting)
  2. Over to You P. 64 1(b)