Humanist Thinkers & Philosophers

How can thinkers and philosophers bring about changes in Renaissance society?

The civic humanists where a group of humanist thinkers who felt that individuals were responsible for shaping their society through their actions. They felt that people should be involved in politics, as well as having a responsibility for educating themselves in history. They are an example of how a different way of thinking can lead to actions that eventually change the ways society, more specifically, people's roles in society can change.

Ideas of Note:

  • Humanists were deeply religious.  What changed was how they began to interpret religious beliefs.
  • Humanists through was seen through the way they looked at education.  The term Renaissance Man refers to someone who is interested in a wide range of subjects and is also skilled in a wide variety of activities.  How does this reflect the beliefs behind humanist education
  1. Read P. 65, 67 & 69
  2. Notes ~ Thinkers & Society
  3. Think It Through P. 67
If Time:
Write a list of five actions that you feel should be mandatory for individuals to be considered responsible citizens in each of the following situations:
In your school
In you community
In the province of Alberta
In Canada
As global citizens