The Silk Road & European Trade (2)

Part 1:

Chapter Curriculum
Chapter Vocabulary


(P. 38/39)
1.              In what ways do you think the Polo’s worldview might have been different from the worldview of most people of the Middle Ages?

2.              Why do you think that Polo’s writings about his travels became so popular?

Part 2:

In this section you will be looking at how the trade that occurred on the Silk Road impacted European trade. As you work through this  watch for ways that trade lead to an increase in wealth as well as ways that trade impacted the way Europeans saw the world.

The Crusades were more than just a series of religious wars - they also changed the way that Europeans saw the world, introducing them to the knowledge and culture of the Muslim civilization, which was much more advanced than much of Europe. Watch for what the Europeans brought back to Europe.... What does this say about how incredibly valuable books were at this time?
  1.       Read P. 40-43
  2.       Please discuss the Think it Through P. 40
  3. Painting P. 42.   How Many Different Goods Can You Identify? Why is this significant in Renaissance Europe? (Prior Knowledge)
  4. READ:  P. 42/43
  5.     Complete the Rise of International Trade Student Notes (Word Version Google Docs Version)

If Time:  Zoom in P. 41