Times of Change - Introduction to Medieval Europe & The Black Death (1)

The Curriculum Overview and Key Vocabulary for this Chapter can be found here. There are loads of new terms in this chapter that you will need to be able to know and use - please take the time to go through this and to let me know if there are some that you 'don't quite get' as we move through this chapter.

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Chapter Vocabulary

  1. Can you think of a world event that has changed the way people see the world or interact with each other on a broad scale?
  2. Check out the painting on Page 16:
    • What does this painting say about the mood of people living at this time?
    • What clues can we pull out of this image that might tell us about how people saw or felt about the world at this time?
    • Doing a Google Image Search for "orcagna triumph of death" brings up similar images.  Is this mood present through these images as well.
  3. Read the story on P. 17