The Feudal Hierarchy (2)

Feudalism was an economic and political system that organized people according to rank within Feudal society. People were expected to dutifully perform the roles and responsibilities of their rank within the hierarchy.  Where you belong in the hierarchy was not something that you could choose - you were born into your place.

New Key Terms & Ideas:

  • Feudalism
  • Hierarchy
  • Land, Loyalty & Duty
  • Freemen
  • Serf


  1. Read P. 18 & 19 as a class
  2. Complete the Feudal Society Student Notes
    • Note - on the diagram, you are meant to generate point form notes on the key features of each level of the Feudal Hierarchy.

If Time: Analyzing Images (P. 21)

  1. Be sure to read all of the information in this activity.
  2. Answer the first 3 questions under 'Try It'
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