First Day of Classes 20120/21

Grit: the Power of Perseverance

 Down to Business:

  1. What you can expect from Mr. Oram:
    • In class, we will focus on learning/being learners
      "I believe that Social Studies is about understanding the world around us through exploring ideas - past and present."
    • Fair Firm ... & flexible
      "The classroom is a place where we come to learn.  My classroom procedures, my expectations for student conduct, and my expectations for student work all come from the basic premise that our focus must be on learning."
  2. What Mr. Oram expects of you:
  3. Classroom Routines
    • Work expectations 
    • Bathroom/H2O
    • Assignment expectations, Extra time, Redo's, Missing work
    • Required Materials
    • Digital Devices in class
    • Discussions - How do we best ensure that each of us gets heard & respected?
    • What if you are away?
    • Seating Plans

What is Social Studies 8 all about?

How psyched are we for the end of summer?

Video Blogger, John Green's "Open Letter to Students Returning To School" ~ 

Listen for:
  • "Will this ever be useful in your real life?"... 
  • "learning to be less stupid together"... 
  • "your education is not just about you"