Wait For It.... Feudalism, Japanese Style!! 1

How do forms of government and decision making reflect a society’s worldview

This chapter is about Government and maintaining order and control over its population.  

  • What kinds of structures are there in Canada to maintain order? 
  • Are there structures in place that do not involve force? 
  • How does a democratic form of Government persuade its population to do things?

P. 283 tells the story of the 47 Ronin.  This story has been made into books and movies not only on Japan, but in other countries as well.  
  • What are the key ideas and values demonstrated in the story?
  • Honour is a key Japanese value.  How are the actions of the people in this story affected by honour?

Section 1:  Power and Control

How can a military power and social structure be used to maintain control in a society?

  1. READ P. 284 – 286
  2. Complete the following chart: (Google Docs Version)
  3. Power of the Shogun - Notes

Ieyasu Has A Problem: