Japan: From Isolation to Adaptation Introduction

The last unit of study in Social Studies 8 is looking at the transition made by the Japanese from an isolated, feudal society to a country that embraced modern ideas, technology and political systems. You will see some familiar ideas ranging from a feudal social hierarchy, to ways that contact with other cultures leads to change. In fact, in this unit you will see cultural change from contact with new ideas & cultures as well as cultural change through conflict.

Unit 3 Guiding Question:

The Big Idea: A Society’s beliefs, values and knowledge base shapes its worldview, and contributes to whether it lives in isolation or adapts itself to new ideas and circumstances.

Unit Curriculum Overview

Chapter 12: Shaping a Unique World View

In What Ways does physical geography contribute to shaping a worldview?

  1. Chapter Overview
  2. Why was Japan the Land of the Rising Sun? P. 262/263
  3. Why did Japan’s geography lend itself to cultural isolation?  What impact might this have on a culture/identity? P. 265/266
  4. Chapter 12 Student Notes