World Views in Conflict Source Writing Assignment

We are going to try a new form of writing assignment - the Source Analysis.  This assignment is looking at two sources describing the treatment of indigenous populations by the Spanish.  You have seem both sources before - we are going to use them as writing prompts.

Please follow the planning templates closely.  In the end you will have:

  • 2 source planning templates
  • 1 personal response planning template
  • 3 completed paragraphs (2 source analysis paragraphs and a personal response paragraph.)

The Assignment:

  • Answer both the Source Analysis questions, and the personal response in the Google Doc sent to you by Mr. Oram
  • Planning is the key to being a successful writer - ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.  
    • You are expected to complete the source analysis planning for each source.
    • You are expected to complete the Position Paragraph plan included in the google doc sent by Mr. Oram (also included with the Personal Response question).

Source Analysis:

What do each of the sources communicate about the spanish treatment of indigenous populations in the new world?

  • This should have two paragraphs - one for each source
  • Address each component of the source analysis planning package.
    (answer each of the questions)

Source 1: Bernardino de Sahagun, Franciscan Monk

(from Worlds Views Contact and change, P. 240)

Source 2: Painting Hernan Cotez by Diego, 1951

Personal Response
Form a position on the overall impact of imperialism on the indigenous population of what is now Central America?

Define and support your position ~ gather specific facts and details that support your position (Point Form)

Factor 1:
Factor 2:

Important Assignment Files: