Information Age

Martin Luther & The Protestant Refomation

Leadership in the Church ~ Savonarola

Changing Views on Leadership (3)

A Way To Find 'New Truths' 2

The Exchange of Ideas

Wrapping Up The Humanists

Society and the Arts

Humanist Thinkers & Philosophers

November Current events

The Original Classics

Michelangelo's David - Introduction to Humanism

Argumentative Writing

Italian City-State Pride

September Current Events

Meiji Period - The End of Isolation

Social Control in Japan & First Contact with the West 3

Roles Within The Social Structure of Feudal Japan 2

Wait For It.... Feudalism, Japanese Style!! 1

Finishing Off Ch 12 - Ways Geography Shaped Japan's World View - 4

Japan - Master of Self Sufficiency - 3

Japan - Nature Shaping a Unique World View - 2

Japan: From Isolation to Adaptation Introduction

World Views in Conflict Source Writing Assignment