My World View sheild

Social Studies 8 Mini project: “Worldview Coat of Arms”

Goal: Create a coat of arms that represents you and your world view

Part I - Drawing

Coat of Arms:  The following elements are to be included in your coat of arms:

1. your name (first or last),

2. choose at least 5 characters/symbols that represent you and reflect your worldview. Be sure to represent the 7 elements of Worldview in your coat of arms. (Refer to P. 5 of your text).

3. create a motto or saying that reflects a belief you hold dear,

4. colours that symbolize a characteristic representative of you

Part II - Written portion

II.  Understanding your Coat of arms:

In a well constructed paragraph, please answer the following questions regarding your crest. The paragraph should be completed in good copy on separate, lined paper.

1. Explain the significance of the characters/symbols you included on your coat of arms.   What is it about the different characters that represents who you are and what you believe? Be sure to explain how each relates to the 7 elements of worldview.

2.  Explain the significance of the colours used and the values they represent.

3.  Explain your motto.

World Views Coat of Arms Assignment - Word Format with Rubric