How did contact with the West affect Japan's identity?

Section 1: Change and Resistance

"In what ways did resistance to rapid change lead to a return to a traditional Japanese world view?"

Many Japanese adopted Western ways (fashion, culture, etc) , while others were concerned that the Japanese were adopting Western ways at the expense of Japanese culture. As we go through this section look for how the Japanese struck a balance between adopting western ways, and adapting Western ways to the Japanese world view.

  1. Read P. 352, 353, 354, 356, 359, 360 & 361
  2. Section 1 Student Notes

Section 2: Strong Army, Strong Country

"What role did rapid change play in Japan becoming a military power with an expansionist world view?"

One of the lessons that Japan was learning from the West was how to be an aggressive, expansionist nation.

  • How did Japan begin to treat it's neighbours?  
  • Do you think Japan's new approach to it's neighbours had anything to do with the way that Perry (the Americans) treated Japan?  How do the unequal treaties fit in?
  • Was Japan able to win the respect of the rest of the world?

  1. Read P. 362, 363, 364 & 366
  2. Section 2 Student Notes

And of course - there is a Crash Course (mostly) about this!!
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