Wrapping Up Aztec Society

This is the last part of this unit that is about the Aztecs in isolation.  Next up - What were the Spanish up to in the Americas?

  1. Looks like we are at the end, and you know what that means - FISHBONES!!! The word version of the fishbone is here.
  2. Start the Ch 8 Final Assignment.
    Throughout Chapters 7 & 8, the text  has used imagery from Aztec Codex (historical records) to describe features of Aztec life.  (see p. 180, 183, 187, & 188) This assignment requires you to develop a Codex in a similar style to those seen in the text that depicts features of Aztec society and Citizenship.
    Required Features:
Chapter 7 Key Ideas
Chapter 8 Key Ideas
·         Social Hierarchy
·         Roles within society (emperor, merchant, farmer, etc)
·         Status
·         Education
·         Virtues of Citizenship
·         Landscape/geography/location in the world
·         Founding Story
·         Scared/religious beliefs/gods
·         Calendar/Time
·         Human sacrifice
·         Citizenship
·         Trade
·         War

  1. Chapter 7/8 Test Brief Overview/Study Guide