• Create a general overview of several current events stories.
  • Summarize (Own Words) a current event in a student’s own words using brief jot-notes.
  • Use the ‘Who, What & Why’ model

  1. Research 4 current events stories. (shoot for 4 - 2-3 are OK)
  2. Each stories will include:
    1. Date & Headline
    2. Description of the important aspect of the story summarized in your own words using 4 bulleted points. (Who, What & Why)
  3. Jot notes will be made in a Google Doc. Do not print – You no longer need to share these - please name them "Sept 21 Current Events" and place in the Google Drive Social Studies folder.

NOTE - Only One Sports Story!!

Some Stories To Look At:
  • Attempts at a cease fire in Syria
  • Tensions between US & Russia over Syria
  • New York bombing suspect
  • Northern Gateway Pipeline
  • Shrinking job market in Calgary

Suggested news websites: