4 x 4 Current Events March 23rd

  1. Research 4 current events stories. (shoot for 4 - 2-3 are OK)
  2. Each stories will include:
    1. Date & Headline
    2. Description of the important aspect of the story summarized in your own words using 4 bulleted points. (Who, What & Why)
  3. Jot notes will be made in a Google Doc. Do not print – You no longer need to share these - please name them "March 23 Current Events". This document should be placed in the Social 8 Folder.

NOTE:Please be aware that anytime that there are stories like the Suicide Bombing at the Brussels Airport and Metro Station, many news websites seem to like to post graphic images of the event.  I would advise you to be critical consumers of the news, and only visit more reputable news sites if this is one of the stories that you are researching.

Story's To watch for:
  • Federal Liberal Budget
  • Obama's visit to Cuba
  • Efforts to develop a pipeline east
  • Apple's battle with the FBI
  • Social or economic impacts of low oil prices in Alberta (or other areas of Canada)

Suggested news websites: