4x4 Current Events Jan 6th

  1. Research 4 current events stories. (shoot for 4 - 2-3 are OK)
  2. Each stories will include:
    1. Date & Headline
    2. Description of the important aspect of the story summarized in your own words using 4 bulleted points. (Who, What & Why)
  3. Jot notes will be made in a Google Doc. Do not print – You no longer need to share these - please name them "January 6 Current Events". This document should be placed in the Social 8 Folder.

NOTE:In the new year, you will often see a lot of 'talking heads' providing predictions.  Be careful to watch for the difference between fact and opinion.

Story's To watch for:

  • Mass execution in Saudi Arabia & the response of Iran & the United States
  • Charges against Volkswagon
  • Impact of low oil prices on Alberta/Canada/Middle East
  • Paris Climate talks
  • New ISIS video, featured a person speaking with a British accent & a child - what was the British response?
  • Faltering Chinese economy