Alberta Election Research

We are going to spend a period looking at the political platforms of each of the parties running in the Alberta Election.  Tomorrow there will be a mock student vote to see who we as a school would elect if students could vote - The goal today is to become informed citizens!

We only have one period booked in the lab - so you will have to be super quick with your summary notes.  The minimum is to complete 4 platform promise categories for each of the parties.

Provincial Election Tracker

Word Version of the Handout

The second side is a Vote Compass activity - we may note have time to do this part in class, however, I would strongly recommend finding some time to complete this. The Vote Compass Alberta 2015  asks your political & social value questions and lines your views up with a party! You might be surprised at what party or parties align best with your views - This could even be a fun family Social Studies activity!