While I'm Away

I am sure that you folks will have a great week with Mrs. Tytler while I'm away at the Leadership Now conference.

Class 1:

1. Get a great mark on your Unit 2 World Views in Conflict test.
2. Start the Vocabulary for Chapter 12
Vocab Sheets
Curriculum Overview

Class 2 & 3:

Label & colour the maps of Asia Pacific Region and the Japanese Islands.

  • I would recommend using Google Maps for this so that you can search by name.  Really though, just about any on-line atlas will work.
  • Please only colour the places that you are labeling on the Asia Pacific map.

Class 4:

4x4 Current Events

8N Pysed:

You will be outside playing Soccer.  If the weather turns out to be poor you will be inside with Mr. Robertson's class doing run day.