Origins of Western Worldview Final

This Weeks schedule - Unit Final Friday!

Mon Jan 19
D Day
Tues Jan 20
E day
Wed Jan 21
A Day
Thurs Jan 22
B Day
Fri Jan 23
P2 - Expansionism Fishbone
P3 - European Imperialism
P4- Imperialism & identity
P4- Chapter Review/Wrap Up

P1 - Origins of Western Worldview Final
P1- Expansionism Fishbone
P3- European Imperialism
P- Imperialism & Identity
P9- Chapter Review/Wrap Up
P2- Origins of Western Worldview Final
Remember - Reading is Not Studying!
  • General Study Guide
  • Jot Notes
  • Diagrams
  • Graphic Organizers
    • Mind Maps
    • T-Charts (Compare & Contrast is one of the BEST learning strategies)
    • Fishbones
  • Teaching others (Q & A Style is not as good as teaching some one)

Cool Video: You have already seen this in class... It would still be worth watching again