It is Time For The Aztecs & the Spanish to Meet...

The time has come for the Spanish and Aztecs to meet ... Can you guess how this is going to end? ;)

The question is: 
 How might differences in Worldview contribute to the dominance of one culture over another?

Key part of the answer to this question that is often over looked is how the differences in the world view between the Spanish and Aztecs impacted the outcome of their meeting. Technology, disease and strategy all played an important role in the fall of the Aztecs.  Often people overlook the less obvious role that the differences between the Spanish world view (3Gsand the Aztec world view (how they saw the coming of Cortes, and the missionaries) had on the final outcome.

Chapter Intro Activities:

1. Chapter 10 Curriculum Overview
2. Looking at the painting on P 214:

  • How might the Aztecs have seen these soldiers?  
  • How might they have reacted?

3.Based on what you have learned about the Aztecs and Spanish societies, what aspects of technology, religion and culture might affect their meeting?