Final Exam Study Guide

Social 8 Final Exam Study Guide
Be sure not to limit your studying to this guide alone.  This should serve only as a rough outline. Your curriculum outlines for each unit have questions.  Your notes and text should provide information that will allow you to answer the questions using specific facts/ideas/details.
Remember – reading is not studying.  In order to remember and ‘understand’ the material you must also work with it. Study Strategy ideas:
  • Mind Maps
  • Fishbones
  • T Charts
  • Jot Notes
  • Teaching other people
  • “3 Words or Less”
  • Build test questions
Listing of Test Topics:
  • What was the Renaissance? Definition? Key characteristics.
  • Crusades – What were they? Impact of Crusades on Europe? What were the Europeans exposed to?
  • Silk Road; location; what was exchanged (that brought change)
  • Feudal Hierarchy – What? Who? Key features;
  • Manorial System (Role of Surfs)
  • Role of the Church in Medieval Times; Role of Church/Criticism of the church in Renaissance times
  • Spread of Ideas in Renaissance (how?)
  • How did life begin to improve in the Renaissance for difference social classes?
  • Features of Humanism.; civic humanism
  • Criticism of Catholic Church in the Renaissance. Why? Who? Church response to criticisms
  • Impact of geography in trade/spread of ideas; role of merchants in creating change.
  • Features of Humanist writing & art; How were Humanist ideas reflected?
  • Scientific Method role in the renaissance; why was science so revolutionary at this time? How was science controversial?
  • Christopher Columbus – What did he do? Why? Where did he land? What did he say when he got back?
  • Aztec geography (where they lived? How they lived there? Impact of their environment on their Worldview? How they impacted their environment)
  • Similarities in worldview of Spanish and Aztec
  • Aztec Citizenship; individual’s relationship to society
  • Role or religion in Spanish WV (Inquisition, re-conquest of Spain, Catholic Monarchs) Role of religion in Aztec WV (Calendar, social structure, roles in society)
  • Cortez; characteristics of his personality; motivation; strategy
  • Spanish Motives for exploration; conquest
  • Structure of Aztec Society; structure of Mexican society; new culture emerges – why?  How?
  • Impact of geography on Japanese worldview; features that impact development of Japan WV in Edo & Meiji periods
  • Traditional Japanese structure; features of – how this changed; why did it change?
  • Why Japan practiced isolationism in Edo Period; features of; reasons for; impact of Japanese society.
  • Why did Japan “open” in Meiji Period? Impact of opening; Arguments for & against opening.
  • Perry; who was he? What did he do?  What were his motivations?
  • Why did Japan adopt Western ideas & practices? What did the critics say? How did this impact their culture?
  • Changes in economy/social structure/cultural practices/ Government as a result on new policies in Meiji Period.
  • In what ways did Japan become like the West?  Why? (Industrialisation & Modernisation – how did they do this?)
  • Christianity & Edo Japan (Japanese views of)
  • Japanese Exclusion laws
  • Push to stand up to the West
  • Adaptation – Modernization – impact on culture – why was Japan able to ‘catch up’? – What was the cultural cost?