Singing About The New World Cultural Contact

We are at the point in this unit where we will begin to wrap things up by looking at the Aztec (indiginous) and Spanish cultural influences on what is now modern day Mexico.

As we are looking at the lasting impacts of Cortes' actions in setting up his colony in New Spain, one of the issues that is raised is the treatment of indigenous people by the Spanish (and later, other Europeans). Political music is one way to look at this. Below are links to some contemporary songs that touch on some of the lasting concerns stemming from the colonization of the new world.

Music as a Source Notes Sheet (Google Docs)
Music As A Source General Version (Word Version)

NOTE ~ If you have a song in mind that deals with Imperialism/Legacy of Colonization Treatment of Aboriginal Peoples please send me an email or post a comment to this blog - I'd really like to increase the variety of songs ....

Neil Young: Cortez the Killer
 (Long Guitar Solo - Lyrics start around 3:30)

Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden

Dave Mathews: Don't Drink the Water

Randy Newman: Great Nations of Europe

Rage Against the Machine - The People of the Sun