4x4 Current Events

NOTE:  Remember our discussion yesterday about selecting more conservative news resources like the CBC or the Globe and Mail in hopes of avoiding images that are too far on the graphic side should you decide to investigate the Boston Marathon Bombings. Also note that resources like newser and Google news are going to display the most popular stories of the day and are more likely to have graphic images - thus you will want to avoid them!
The Assignment:

  • Create a general overview of several current events stories.
  • Summarize a current event in a student’s own words using brief jot-notes.
  • Is the ‘Who, What & Why’ model

  1. Research 4 current events stories.
  2. Each stories will include:
    1. Date & Headline
    2. Description of the important aspect of the story in 4 bulleted points. (Who, What & Why)
  3. Jot notes will be made in a Google Doc. Do not print –Please share them with me.

    You are also welcome to leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite story, along with an explanation of why it was your favourite.

Suggested news websites: