FlashCards To Go ~ Cool Looking Study Tool

I have not spend a lot of time with this one yet - I just came across it this morning.  (I'd love to hear from you if you either way once you start using them - leave a comment or send me an email)


It looks like you can create your own set of flash cards to study from, and with an account you can sync your cards across your devices. 

Why might you want to sync your cards across devices?  Think about it: You could start the work/studying on your computer by creating a set of cards with the Chrome (Web) app, then access them from your iPhone/Android phone while, say, riding the bus to school.

Some of the features line up well with our conversations around the best ways to make the best use of your studying time! (Feedback, Working with information - putting info into your own words, transforming the important stuff into a new and novel format, etc)

Caution - there are free and paid version for this app ~ you will likely want to involve your parents before signing up.

Feature List from their website: