People of the Sun ~ The Legend

First off we are going to wrap up that introductory activity from yesterday  and go over the curriculum sheet for the first chapter, and go over a quick overview of general Aztec information - and backgrounder of sorts.

Chapter 7 - Initial Discussion of the Aztec Creation Legend

From the Codex Mendoza 
  1. What is a 'Nation'?
  2. After reading the legend on P.151:
    1. What effect do you think the experience of hardship and wondering might have had on the Aztec sense of identity?
    2. Can you name another group of people who wondered in the desert before being led to a promised land?
    3. Looking at Figure 7-1  (Or above...)  what elements from the story are present?
  3. Brainstorm a list of reasons why immigrants came to Canada/Alberta? Still come to Alberta from other areas of Canada?  
    1. Are there similarities/parallels to the Aztec Creation story?