People of the Sun Final Assignment

In what ways do a group’s collective beliefs and experiences
contribute to shaping a unique identity?

Your assignment:
Design in infographic that contains symbols and diagrams that describe the Aztec Society’s collective beliefs. Your goal is to represent the major ideas from this chapter in an infographic.  Your infographic should answer each of the Inquiry Questions from this chapter. A written explanation to accompany your crest that explains how your diagrams/symbols relate to the big ideas from the chapter is required. The infographic should contain images that relate to the Aztec experience.

Google Docs Version of the Assignment with Rubric

Key Themes:

>Landscape/geography/location in the world
>Founding Story
>Scared/religious beliefs/gods
>Human sacrifice

How to Create an Infographic:

Infographics can be generated using: (You will have to create an account – you can use your Wolf Apps ID to do this.  Note – the free version is all that you need!)

Example: - Note that this graphic is not on the same topic as this assignment