Map of the Internet

I thought this was a cool representation of the cables on the ocean floor that represent a large part of what makes the Internet possible.  As of late, the trend is to think of the Internet as a big nebulous cloud, where we store documents, share ideas, collect research, and connect with other people.  Reality is that this cloud is actually a series of servers connected by cables that snake around the world.
(Link to the Interactive Version)

Food for thought:  

  1. What parts of the world have the most connections/cables coming out of them?
  2. What areas of the world have the least?  
  3. Based on what we know about these places - what kind of inferences can we draw?
    • Why so many connections?
    • Why so few connections?
    • Could there be a connection to wealth in a region?
    • Think about trade routes - is there a connection to trade?
    • Do you think that the number of connections are changing over time?  How are they changing?  Are other areas getting more connections? Where?  Why?
    • What other question/inferences can we make about the distribution of the Internet/access to the Internet based on this map?

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