Aztec Social Structure

8O & 8D - Aztec Social Structure

  1. Read P. 172 - 173 (8O only)
    1. How is this similar to the social hierarchy of Renaissance Europe?
    2. How is this different from the social hierarchy of Renaissance Europe?
  2. Please read P. 174-179
  3. You need to be sure to have the Aztec Social Structure notes completed for Monday
If Time: Over to You. 179 #1, A, B 

8O Second Class: Aztec Education

  1. Please read P. 180-184 (Sounds like this is as far as you folks got - we will pick up from here on Monday)
  2. Complete Over to You P. 184 # 1 & 2 (Golly - this would make a great set of test-like questions!)