Tuesday Jan 8 - Social 8O & 8D

The South Lab is booked for us to work on our Chapter 4 Position Paragraphs.

  1. Good planning, with specific details, is the key to convincing position paragraphs.  Be sure that you have good plans before you start to write - it pays off 97.8% of the time!
  2. Please use Google Docs to work on this paragraph - and remember to share this with me ;)(I will still need you to print a copy when you are done)
  3. Remember to provide two specific 'causes' of change (refer to your notes & text) as well as clear explanations for 'why' they were the most significant changes to the 'Exchange of Ideas' in Renaissance Europe.
  4. Peer Editing - This is the reason that I'm hoping that you will use Google Docs.  Please share this with your editor for the peer editing part
Happy Position Paragraphing! ~ I promise, this will be the last one for a little while!

Oh Yeah - the end is near, and I'm so totally not talking about the Mayan Apocalypse (yet...)