Position Paragraphs - Part 2

Today you need to be sure to finish typing your Ch4 Position Paragraph, and have a classmate look it over (peer edit).


  • You should show two clear cause and effect relationships.

  • Each sentence should be able to 'stand alone'

  • Topic and conclusion should state (recap) the main ideas
Your paragraphs are due Monday.

If you get done early - check out the two videos from Monday & Tuesday's posts on the Dark Ages and the Silk Road.  Social Studies Videos are TOTALLY the next big thing!

8D - Second Period

Here is the statement:

"An information age can be defined as a period in history where access to information, and the transmission of information changes the structure of society and the behaviours of individuals within that society."
Our goal is to prove that
  1. The Renaissance is an Information Age
  2. We are now living in an Information Age

Homework (8D) - you are to be looking for examples, or evidence of us currently living in an information age....