Monday - No Social Studies... Total Bummer, man!

Just a reminder that you have the Chapter 4 Test coming up on Friday.  If you did not get a study sheet from Mrs. Rose, you can download one from the Google Drive.

For Tuesday, you need to be sure to have both your Ch 4 Fishbones AND the planning sheet completed as we will be going to the South Computer Lab to begin writing the Chapter 4 Position Paragraph.  In your planning, remember that you are looking to develop a position on what the MOST significant changes were to the nature of 'knowledge' or 'Exchange of Ideas' in Renaissance Europe.

On a totally separate note ~ Remember Chapter 1, the Medieval, Feudal, rigid hierarchy  Black death, Life being nasty brutish and short - and all that super fun stuff?  Check out this cool video, it might sound familiar:

(Seem strange that I'm linking to this video... its a hint that you may want to start remembering back, all the way back to the start of the Renaissance unit soon... we are likely only a couple weeks from finishing it off and that means a unit final... Woot Woot! Bring on the Aztec Vs. Spanish Rumble in the Jungle!)